Covid-19 Hampel Oil Handling and Delivery Procedures

April 24, 2020

Hampel Oil’s top priority as we navigate through these challenging times of COVID-19 is to make sure our employees, customers, and communities are our main focus. It is our goal to keep them safe and healthy in every decision we make.  We have a Response Team that is committed to staying on top of the CDC guidelines and communicating any new updates to our employees in a very timely manner.

Hampel Oil is Open for Business and we are dedicated to providing superior customer service.  It is critical to us that we continue to provide high levels of service to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. As COVID-19 continues to change and evolve, we will continue to make the necessary changes to keep everyone healthy.  We have enhanced our handling and delivery procedures, are strict in following the social distance guidelines, utilize remote work options, and other necessary measures to remain safe.

We want to thank you for your continued business and loyalty through these trying times.  We remain positive and will get through this together.

Hampel Oil changes made to delivery procedures:

- Practicing social distancing (minimum 6’, recommend 10’+) which includes refraining from handshaking

- Washing hands is required upon entry to Hampel Oil facilities

- Wearing a face mask to protect the health of everyone

- Contacting the customer before entering their facility and inquiring about their specific guidelines

- Contacting customers to ask if it is possible to leave ticket without signature; making a note on ticket

- Carrying hand sanitizer in vehicles

- Requiring employees to have a writing pen (which will not be shared) for signing and completing documents

- Limiting paperwork sharing and washing hands after handling 


Hampel Oil changes made at facilities:

- Limiting Hampel offices and lobbies to employees only

- Calling local Branch Offices to inquire about pickup options, deliveries, and facility entry restrictions 

- Staggered start times for our employees.  

- Directing drivers to disinfect steering wheels, switches, handles, etc. at end of every day

- Keeping the gate shut and/or limiting access to facility

- Wiping down surfaces of common interaction points multiple times per day 

- Requiring 3rd Party delivery drivers to call into the office upon arrival to cover safety and delivery procedures 


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