Never too late or early for a Christmas Miracle

December 23, 2021

Our Territory Manager Gary recounts his experience while making sales calls during the wind storm earlier this week:

We had head east, planning on going through Hutchison Kansas on our way home. We are in a weather pattern I have never seen before. 15 miles west of Hutchinson Kansas on Highway 50 we see a blue Freightliner truck with a reefer on. We see his trailer tires closest to the centerline leave the pavement being pulled over by the tremendous winds. The reefer goes over slamming the Class 8 Freightliner 2019 tractor into the pavement on the passenger side and it’s sliding down the highway towards us. We both see it. We are stunned at what we are watching.  This was all in slow motion. We know the truck is not going to hit us. We pull over on the right shoulder. The wind is blowing so hard we can barely get the pickup doors open. We get out and I run over to the windshield and I can see the driver standing on the passenger side window. Nick does a muscle up on the driver side door and gets on top of the tractor and he’s telling the driver to open the window and he will lift him out through the window. There was a girl driving behind this truck, she pulls over and she’s calling 911 taking shelter behind the trailer, it’s laying on its side in the ditch.  It would’ve been impossible to open the truck door in this kind of wind.  Nick reaches through the window and grabs both hands and wrist of the scared driver. He lifts the driver out of the truck. They are both standing on the drivers door with a truck laying on its side.  The driver decides he needs to go back into the cab of the truck and find his cell phone. Nick helps him back down into the truck to find his cell phone. I am calling his cell phone but there is no contact.  Some other guys have stopped behind us and somehow they found his cell phone laying in the highway.  


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