Today’s high-pressure common rail (HPCR) direct injection diesel engines are incredibly complex. Hampel Oil delivers the sophisticated detergent additives you need to protect them and deliver optimum performance. Here are the top four reasons why PowerDiesel will save you money:

 1. Improved Fuel Economy

     •  Restores fuel economy lost due to injector deposits, up to 5%

     •  More complete combustion

     •  Raises Cetane up to 4 Numbers (+4 Formula)

  2. Outstanding Detergent Properties

     •  Cleans and protects injectors from deposits     - Both traditional tip deposits and internal injector deposits

     •  Restores power lost due to injector deposits, up to 4%

     •  Boosts lubricity up to 10-15%

     •  Lowers maintenance costs

     •  Extends life of fuel injectors

     •  Lengthens filter life

3. Moisture control-A Year Round Solution

     •  50% more deicer vs standard winter formulas

     •  100% more moisture control vs standard summer formulas

     •   Prevents filter icing

     •   Limits bacterial growth

     •   Prevents corrosion

     •   Enhances storage stability

4. Lower Emissions

     •  Less black smoke

     •  Less particulates

     •  Environmentally friendly


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