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Delo products formulated with ISOSYN technology can provide performance that rivals synthetics in critical tests, at a greater value — a real benefit that sets Delo apart in customers’ minds. It’s more than Chevron’s industry-leading premium base oil technology. It’s a unique combination of our base oil technology and advanced additive systems that give Delo customers a performance advantage. 

Delo with ISOSYN technology:

Provides extended service protection
Maximizes engine durability
Minimizes operating costs

Two New Delo® Podcast Videos Available

Chevron subject matter experts continue to make appearances on the CCJ’s “10-44” and Equipment World’s “The Dirt” video webcasts. The latest to do so is Tom Gauerke, who spoke about improving fuel economy.

You can view each individual recording below:

The Dirt


Chevron Lubricants

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Havoline Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are suitable for use in four-stroke gasoline engines used in passenger cars, light trucks, powerboats, motorcycles, and other mobile and stationary equipment. They are excellent for high-revving engines in small cars and light trucks. Havoline Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are suitable for use in both new and high-mileage cars, and in turbocharged as well as normally aspirated engines.

- Excellent antiwear protection

- Protection against thermal breakdown

- Clean engines and clean positive crankcase ventilation systems resulting from minimal deposit formation under heavy load and stop-and-go driving conditions.

- Meets or exceeds warranty requirements of car and light truck manufacturers relying on an API SN Plus motor oil.

- Excellent high temperature control


chevron delo clogged dpf dragging down fuel economy

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Chevron Delo Inspecting a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

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